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May 2018

Happy May!  The newsletter is packed full of spring time hints.  Get out and move.  

May 19 is Ypsi Proud Day.  Sign up on www.ypsiproud.com  to help clean up our yard and plant flowers.  Lucy Brown will lead the day.  

I’m hoping to gather some volunteers to repaint the outside of the building in May.  Let me know if you’re interested in helping out.
I am working on opening a beginner’s yoga class in the next month.  The instructor is working out her schedule right now.  If it can be arranged it will be on Thursday mornings.  There will be notices up as soon as arrangements are final. 

You may have noticed the new TV’s in the building. The one in the small meeting room was given to us by Meijer.  The large one in the main room was purchased with a grant from the McCalla Foundation.  They will be utilized for classes, provided entertainment and provide a means to face time family members.  If you are experienced with facetime or skype, I would like to talk with you.  I would like help setting up the procedures to start this program. Thanks!

Don't forget to volunteer using our volunteer form! 

~Monica Prince

 2018 Ypsilanti Senior/Community Center