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April 2020 – From the Director

Hope you are all well and taking care of yourself. Make sure you stay home. If you need to go out wear a mask and gloves and stay 6 feet away from other people. In the April 2020 newsletter, I attached a flyer about different ways to make masks for your safety. It is very tempting with the weather changes to want to get out and see friends and family, but don’t. This is a great time to call or video call your family. I have spent more time with my family, who live all over the country, through an app called “Houseparty.” Through it, we can all be on a video call together. I know there are other apps that can connect us.  In the newsletter, I have also added a flyer which we received from AAA1B that give curbside/delivery options to getting what you need from stores.

The Ypsi Senior Center board and I have decided to keep the center closed through May 31st. We think this will be the safest for all involved. We are still offering key services during this time.  I am here Monday through Friday to help you out any way we can. We are following safety guidelines that have been established by the County Health Department. We have available frozen meals that can be picked up once a week. This is part of our lunch program. We can add new people to the program. I have paperwork work for the program. Either call or email me to get signed up for the program. After you sign up the meals can be picked up on Mondays from 11-2. Please wear a mask and keep a safe distance from others. If you would like you can call when you have arrived and a volunteer can bring the food to your car.

There are so many things we are doing differently at this time. WCC is offering online free classes in April. You can get access to them through this link: https://www.wccnet.edu/learn/our-offerings/webinars-campaign.php.  They are also going to hold all their spring/summer emeritus classes online. We will know within the next couple of weeks how to register for these classes. So, if you are interested in Mark’s, Liz’s or Dee’s classes, email me so I can get the registration information to you. I will also post it on our website and Facebook when it comes in.

I have continued my work on the intergenerational project. We are working on a couple of projects with students from EMU. Everyone has a story to tell. Starting soon we would like to pair seniors up with students to do collaborative story telling. This can be done over the phone or computer. Through this program you will be able to learn how to tell that story about your history, an incident that you lived through or how you are doing right now. You will need to email or call to sign up for it.

Another thing we are working on is purchasing restored laptops from EMU’s Digital Inclusion that can be lent out to seniors that want to stay connected. The EMU students are working on developing online tech help to instruct those interested on how to use the devise. This will help keep you connected and entertained.

The third thing we are looking at is starting an intergenerational Spanish class. It will be taught by an EMU professor and be offered online until we can meet again. Contact me if you’re interested.

Keep in touch and let us know how the Senior Center can help.