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From the Director – February 2022

We started off the new year rather tentatively.  With the rise of another Covid variant we are all uncertain how to stay safe.  Be sure you get your vaccines and booster for the virus, wear masks whenever you are in public and continue to wash your hands.  The Center requires everyone to wear a mask indoors unless you are sitting at a table eating.  The County has supplied us with KN95 masks that are available for anyone to pick up.  Everyone can order free at-home covid test kits from www.covidtests.gov.  It is super easy.  It only requires your name and address and your test kits will be shipped to your door.  Another source for ordering tests is https://accesscpvodtests.org.  If you need help ordering, you can stop by the center and ask someone here to help you fill out the form online.

The AAA1b (Area Aging on Aging 1b) has asked us to develop a pilot program that would help Grandparents raising grandchildren get some respite.  Raising grandchildren is not an easy job even though it is very rewarding.  This pilot program will help find and pay for the activities for the grandchildren so the grandparents can have some time for themselves. If you know of anyone that could benefit from this program please call and give us their contact information.

EMU has received a grant to start a program called “Lori’s Hands”.  It is available for anyone with a chronic illness.  Students from EMU will be available to visit on a weekly basis to provide some help around the house or companionship.  There is a flyer that explains how it works.  If you are interested in the program or know of someone that is please call the Senior center and leave your name and phone number so we can register you for the program.

— Monica Prince