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Intergenerational storytelling – how being “Homebound” affects us all

An original podcast featuring conversation and stories between one of our cultures most under-utilized natural resources…our elders, and our culture’s juniors, those in search of their own chairs, young folks whose own stories are just beginning!  This intergenerational conversation is part of the activities of the Ypsilanti Senior Center.

Limelight, LLC, a Michigan-based theatre consulting company founded by Jessica “Decky” Alexander, will be releasing the first episode of a new podcast entitled, Homebound: A Dialogue for the Ages on November 9, 2020. The podcast, a collaboration between Limelight, the Ypsilanti Senior Center through its Intergenerational Partnership and Generations United, features conversation and stories shared between our culture’s elders and youth. Homebound: A Dialogue for the Ages will be available for streaming on a variety of platforms with new episodes released every Monday. A teaser for the first episode can be heard here.

In the new reality of COVID 19, older adults are more than likely confined to single space,
housebound, less able to socialize or move with ease (and without fear of infection) throughout
the community or neighborhood. Young adults have begun to experience similar isolation, many
of them for the first time. With Homebound , Limelight celebrates the impact of intergenerational
interaction as members of both generations confront the “new normal” together in conversation,
seek solutions through sharing their stories, and sometimes find common ground.

New episodes of Homebound will be available every Monday starting November 9, and can be
streamed from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Stitcher among
other streaming services. More information can be found on the Limelight website,
www.limelightlive.org/homebound. Homebound is mixed and produced by Eric Minni,
conceptualized and directed by Decky Alexander, and supported by the production team Tyler
Calhoun and Catherine Coffey-Burns.