Call for Volunteers

The Ypsilanti Senior Center recently became an officially recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  As such, we have the great opportunity to raise funds to both continue and expand the work that we do as a community-based organization to support and enhance the lives of local families—particularly older adults.  The Ypsilanti Senior Center’s mission is to create great experiences for older adults in a welcoming environment that encourages learning, active engagement, fitness and healthy living, and this focus is even more important today. Though the doors of the Senior Center building remain closed during this current pandemic, we are working harder than ever behind the scenes (and from the parking lot) to continue to provide essential services that help keep our community healthy, informed, and connected.

Join the volunteer team and help us reach more seniors with services!  The Senior Center is supported by a fun group of old, young, and differently-abled folks who all want to make life easier for our city’s seniors. Do you have some fantastic fundraising ideas? We can use you. Do you love social media and are always in the know? We can use you. Got some time to put some retired expertise to work? We definitely can use you.

Here are the specifics on how you can help:

With the establishment of the 501(c)3 organization, the board and staff of the Ypsilanti Senior Center are striving to personalize and professionalize the marketing communication and fundraising efforts of the Senior Center in order to drive awareness of services, connect with seniors who need assistance, and secure renewable funding.  The board and staff have finalized a brand image (logo package, letterhead, etc.) and brand mission statement, as well as have created a new WordPress website; however, we need assistance with the creation and execution of marketing collateral and fundraising.  Overall, our goal is to increase the Senior Center’s fundraising capacity as well as replace income that normally would have accrued from facilities rentals to expand who we serve and what we provide.

We are seeking people who can:

  • Lead or contribute to the development and launch of direct fundraising campaigns, including letter, phone, and email campaigns. Help us reach those who can support seniors!
  • Lead or contribute to the development and launch of fundraising events. The Senior Center has traditionally run 3-4 community-building events that have a fundraising component; however, we are seeking to expand and differentiate these events. Help us create exciting, fun events that provide substantial income to allow the Senior Center to expand its services!
  • Research and write grants that will support the current operation and activities of the Senior Center. Help us find those resources out there that already exist!

To join us, please contact:

Monica Prince, Executive Director

We are incredibly excited about the future and the opportunities that await! We hope you will consider joining us on this journey.