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February 2020 – From the Director

February is Black History Month, “an annual celebration of achievements of African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of Blacks in US history.” Thanks to DeLois Wilson, there is an information page later in the newsletter.

In March you will receive a postcard in the mail from the US census.  Don’t throw it away!  There is a special code for your household on it.  We will have times at the center in March and April for you to fill out the census online.  We will have computers set up and helpers to assist you in filling it out.  It is very easy.  We have a sample of the questions at the center.  No one will be coming to your door, and never give out your personal information to anyone.

With the newsletter there is a short survey.  The Ypsilanti Senior Center board is doing some long term planning.  We would like to see how you think we’re doing, what you like or dislike.  We would also like to quote you in our brochures and advertising materials.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out and return it to the center.  Be as brief or wordy as you would like.  We appreciate your time and interest in our programming.

We will be starting a new phase with our partnership with Generations United soon.  If you have an interest in working with the team of seniors and young people,  please let me know.  Exciting things are happening!

The center board has formed a fundraising committee.    We would love for you to consider helping us raise money to keep the center going and expand our activities.  We are meeting monthly at this time.  There is no restriction on the amount of time you can put in.  We can use people that want to help out at fundraisers, those that can write grants, those that like to talk to potential donors and those that have good ideas.  Let me know how you can help.