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from the Director – October 2023

Summer went by too fast.  We have new faces around the center.  Tamar Lawlerhas been around for a little while.  She took Stacey’s place and works with the nutrition program.  Stephanie Levijoki started this summer and will be working with developing programs and working with inter-generational activities.  They each work 3 days a week.  

We also have 2 staff that work for AARP’s job training program.  Diane Goff is at the front desk.  Her job is to greet everyone and answer the phones.  Jaqueline McGaughy has returned to the kitchen with 2 new knees to help serve meals.  

We are hoping in the near future to hire another person to assist with grant writing, grant management and  planning. Maybe at some point I will make myself obsolete and look at retirement.  That won’t be for quite a while.   

Over the summer, Bruce Astrein (our consultant from Generations United) and I have been meeting with several local organizations to work towards adding an inter-generational aspect to the center activities.  Our art group was joined by Mentor 2 Youth students.  We worked on individual weaving mats that will be joined together to make a large wall hanging.  In August every Tuesday and Thursday a group of older adults met with middle school aged students to learn how to play chess.  The response was very positive.  This is now continuing the third Saturday of each month from 2-4pm.  The class is organized by the Mich Ave Library.  It will meet here for the fall because that library has been closed.  When they reopen, it will transfer to a meeting at the library.  

 – Monica